5 Ways to Stay Warm in Your Tree Tent This Winter

Si t'encanta dormir a l'aire lliure, l'aire fresc, el cel ple d'estrelles, els boscos tranquils, l'hivern no t'ha de deixar de gaudir. Hi ha maneres de romandre càlid i acollidor a la tenda d’arbres de Tentsile perquè pugueu gaudir d’aquestes nits impagables. 

Com dormir fora a l’hivern 

We've had some practice when it comes to conquering the cold in a tree tent. Here are 5 tips that we embrace when sleeping outside in a Tentsile tree tent. 

1. Feu el canvi a la llana merina

Merino wool is a game changer when it comes to staying warm. A layer of this versatile fabric will trap body heat and wick away sweat, so if you do get a little too warm, that moisture won't come back to haunt you. You can buy merino wool base layers, socks, and blankets for dependable warmth on extra chilly nights.  

2. Bring a sleeping pad

When we think of sleeping pads, we think of comfort. They're typically used as cushion between your body and the ground. But sleeping pads also provide insulation, from the cold ground and the cold air. 

Us recomanem Tensile SkyPad, una estora de dormitori amb cambra de duel dissenyada en col·laboració amb experts del confort de Klymit. El SkyPad s’adapta perfectament a les tendes d’arbres Tentsile per proporcionar una capa de calidesa i confort entre tu i el cel nocturn. 

3. Invertiu en un sac de dormir amb congelació inferior

We've all done it. Campers often underestimate just how cold it can get at night -- especially when the day is deceivingly warm. While you might think it doesn't get que fred al campament, recomanem invertir en un sac de dormir amb congelació inferior a la conseqüència de les baixades inesperades de la temperatura. Millor segur que ho sento! 

El Predator Camo SLPY bag is a wearable sleeping bag; zip it up for optimal insulation at bed time, or unzip the feet and arm slots to wear it while exploring. It's rated for 0 degrees celsius.  

4. Mengeu un àpat gran abans de dormir

Don’t skimp on dinner before turning in! Eating too light or skipping a meal because you're rushing to retreat to the warmth of your sleeping bag can make you colder as the night goes on. A hearty meal before bed time will get your metabolism working to warm up your body. And if you go to sleep warm, it's easier to stay warm throughout the night. Keep a snack close by -- if you wake up cold, munching on some beef jerky or nuts can help you warm back up. 

5. Cagar-se


Whether you're joined by a human or an animal friend, body heat is a great way to keep warm in the winter. So invite your friends and get cozy in your tree tent. 

Així que seguiu explorant Segueix gaudint! I caliu amb Tentsile aquest hivern

20 de novembre de 2017 - Alex Shirley-Smith

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