Busqueu una instal·lació de senderisme o motxilla ultralleugera per a parelles? No busqueu més que una hamaca de càmping senzilla però eficaç per a dues persones.

Aquesta guia us ajudarà a esbrinar consideracions importants que cal fer abans de comprar una hamaca de càmping i les millors hamaques de càmping disponibles per a dues persones.

En aquesta guia:

Què és una hamaca de càmping?

Camping hammocks, also known as hammock tents  or backpacking hammocks are similar to traditional hammocks, but designed and optimized as a portable hammock for use in the outdoors.

An increasingly common replacement for the traditional ground tent, a camping hammock offers additional comfort and a far lower pack weight, meaning a lightweight hammock is a perfect companion for ultralight backpacking, bike packing, and hiking adventures.

Perfect for couples, the double hammock offers space for two and can be found with single and double berth varieties. Made usually from parachute nylon or a mesh material, the build of the hammock strikes the balance between weight and strength.

Weight is further reduced by removing the spreader bar found on casual indoor hammocks, and by lifting the hammock via a number of optional suspension systems, commonly a combination of tree straps, with carabiners or ratchets. 

Camping hammocks are available in a range of different sizes, from the classic one berth hammock, all the way up to giant hammocks able to sleep 6 or more people. They are often modular, and able to be used standalone or kitted out with items like mosquito netting or a rain tarp to deal with whatever conditions you have to hand.

Why choose a double camping hammock? 

Hammock camping is a really fun and unique way to camp and  will always be a great addition to your camping gear. Why should you choose a double hammock over a single berth?

  • A double hammock will usually costa menys than buying two single hammocks, and can still be used just as effectively by a solo camper if needed. It’s not just the hammock cost that you save on too, you’ll also only need to but one rain tarp, one mosquito net, and one suspension system.
  • A great option for backpacking or ultralight hiking as you only need to carry one tent, so the load can be split between backpacks with one carrying the hammock body and the other carrying the suspension system accessories like a rain fly and bug net.
  • Sharing space with another person will always help to keep you both warm, and for couples who like to cuddle up together you can get close in a double hammock, opposed to the separation of having a single hammock each.
  • Vostè only need to set up one tent and then be done, instead of having to find two separate locations that may not be particularly close to each other.
  • Storage is also worth considering, as while a two-person hammock will have a larger pack down size than a single person hammock, it’ll definitely have a smaller pack down size than two single person hammocks! Plus there’s less hammock gear to keep track of as you won’t need duplicates of each item for both tents.

What to consider when purchasing a two person camping hammock

There are several considerations to make before purchasing a two person camping hammock. The considerations include:

  • comoditat
  • Ús
  • Mida i pes
  • Location & Season
  • Accessoris disponibles
  • Cost


A big factor in weighing up two-person hammocks is their level of comfort. We’d always recommend a double hammock with an underfloor tension system to create two separate hammock berths, this way the occupants won’t roll into each other in the night!


How you plan to use the set up will ultimately be one of the most important factors in purchasing. If the hammock tent is to be used on ultralight backpacking trips then a only a lightweight hammock will suffice, however if you’re looking to relax in the back garden or park from time to time then something a little heavier but with more room to stretch out wouldn’t go amiss.

Mida i pes

How much of your pack can you afford to assign to your hammock? This is a highly important factor in buying a hammock. An activity like multi-day hiking or thru hiking a trail is going to demand the lightest weight possible with the smallest pack size. A double hammock is going to weight more on average than a single, but remember you’ll only need one!

Location & Season

The location and time of year you plan to use it will have a big effect on your choice. The availability of trees at your chosen location will be a deciding factor on the style of suspension system you use, for example a two strap/two tree fixing, or a three strap/three tree fixing. Along with the number of trees available to you, considerer what other environmental factors you’re likely to encounter, is it mosquito season or are you going to be near water? Remember to pack a bug net. Is the forecast looking like heavy rain? Remember to pack your rain fly to ensure a dry night’s sleep.

Accessoris disponibles

Tying in the use, size & weight, and location & season together is the range of accessories available for you desired model. Will there be rain/snow? Is your chosen location near water or in an area known for mosquito and insect problems? Might you need an alternate suspension system? These are all worth considering before purchasing.


Finally, consider the cost, weighing up the price of the hammock itself and the required accessories. As previously mentioned, remember that you’ll need two of each accessory for two singles, but only one set for a double hammock. We’d also always recommend being wary of the cheap ‘Amazon bargains’ you can find. At the end of the day this is going to be your bed and hold you safely off the ground for multiple night’s sleep, it’s probably best to not cheap out on that!

La millor hamaca per acampar per a dues persones: T-Mini 2-Person Double Hammock

T-Mini Stats:

  • Pes: 5.3 kg
  • Capacitat: 2 ocupants i tot el seu equip
  • Preu: $ / £ / 179 €

The T-Mini has been a staple of our range for a number of years and is a fan favorite for good reason.

One of the key features is the underfloor tensioning strap which creates two separate hammock berths, giving each occupant their own place to lay without rolling into each other.

Weighing in at only 5.3lbs, the T-Mini is ultralight, and weight can be further reduced for swapping out the ratchet for a Weblock, or simply by tying a knot!

A big feature that sits the T-Mini above other double camping hammocks is its underfloor storage, which allows both campers to store all their gear in a dry spot safely off the ground.

It’s super simple to set up, and can be adapted to fit your needs, but with the ratchet and a Weblock we tend to find set-up time is about 5 minutes, which can be reduced with experience. The hammock features a three-strap suspension system, each strap being fixed to an individual tree to provide tension across the full base.

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How easy is it to set up a two-person camping hammock?

Set up a ground tent before? Then you can set up a double hammock! While it might be daunting to equalize the suspension system, or have a separate bug net and rain tarp, in reality it’s easier than setting up a conventional tent!

  1. Lay the components out between your chosen trees
  2. Fix the straps around your chosen trees
  3. Attach either your chosen fastening to the hammock, be it a ratchet, Weblock, or carabiner
  4. Thread the strap through the fastening pulling out any slack, and either ratchet tight lock off, or tie off
  5. Add tension to equalize the set-up

Not convinced? Check out this step by step guide by our founder Alex where he teaches you all about setting up a T-Mini in under 5 minutes. 

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